Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What's Up Doc?

Strangely every time I hear that phrase I think of Laura Palmer, not Bugs Bunny...but no one is judging me right?

Time is slipping away so fast this year. I have been boycotting the shops, so really I should have tons of spare time to do lots of blogging and take heaps of photos of the children, but for some reason my days are so full! Not that I am complaining mind you, it is great to be so busy and fulfilled without shopping! LOL!

I have just had a great weekend in Sydney working for Scrapbook City at Sydney Craft Fest. It was at Homebush and so much fun. There is such a great vibe at the craft shows, they are so much fun! I stayed on Saturday night by myself, so rather than sitting in the hotel on my own I took myself off to a double feature at the movies. I saw "He's Just Not That Into You" and "Watchmen". Both movies were OK...probably would have enjoyed them more with a special someone by my side...but he was home with the kidlets...:( So next time I am going away for the weekend I think I will bring him with me. He can sit in the hotel room waiting for me to come home! lol!

Home late on Sunday night, then off to Coldplay on the Monday! What an experience that was...I enjoy Coldplay, but am not a manic fan like I am of the Counting Crows. They were such wonderful performers though. They really put on a great show! My favourite part was when they dumped literally thousands of confetti butterflies on the crowd during one of the songs. They were in my hair, on my shoulders even down the back of my top! I grabbed a stack for the kids and we are going to throw them in the air as soon as the sky clears!

Here is a picci of miss Audrey and her dolls house from way back near her birthday! It is straight out of the camera, but I did want to put one on here at least! She is standing up in this photo! It is so tall...taller than her even! The pink glow is from the sheer pink curtains we put up in her room...they are so her!

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