Tuesday, February 24, 2009

i know it is late...

but if I don't blog now, I will never update this little blog of mine!

Wow, this past month has just flown by! What with school and TAFE and all the stuff in between, we have been overwhelmingly busy! But here are a few little tid bits of information from our happy home from this past few weeks:

* Greg turned 35
* I turned 33
* My brother Mark and his fiance Kareena had an awesome engagement party
* We bought a new car...a MAZDA CX9...yes I am spoilt!!
* My sister has announced she and her hubby Clint are expecting twins in July!
* I have been attending the gym AT LEAST 3 times a week for the past month...it seems for nothing as I am almost the same weight I was when I started...may have to look into this further as I have been rreeeaallly good in the non nibbling department!
* I have cut my hair off. I wanted to go for a bit of an edgy uneven look but my hairdresser (and dear friend) Dee said she didn't want me to look like I had "escaped", so I settled for razoring it to midlength oblivion!
* Thomas has had a great start to year 3 and finally seems to have a teacher who 'gets' him!
* Joseph is living up to our predictions and relishing in his newly acquired role of class clown. We are not as amused as his class mates however, but he is still coming along so very well, it is hard to get cross at the little monkey!
* Audrey is growing up way too fast...we were in the car the other day and she managed to pick Riannnas voice in her new song...as "the one who sings the dum dum dee dum dum dum dee dum dum" song nonetheless!
* We spent a whole day in the garden on Sunday planting trees...well Greg did anyway...I just soaked the plants after Greg dug the holes and before he mixed the cow manure into the soil and then put the new plant in the ground! I don't think I was much help, but we did have fun! Now our back yard is a bit prettier and I finally have a herb garden again! Hooray!!
* I am heading to Sydney on the 5th March for Craft Fest with Scrapbook City! Woohoo...I love flying! Then I will be working the Paper Craft Festival on the 20/21 March for them, and the fiollowing week I will be representing Fiskars for Craft Fest at the Gold Coast. It does mean that I have had to cut back a number of portrait sessions, but most have been rescheduled before Easter. I just cannot believe how fast this year is flying by...

I will be updating the FreshPix Blog later this week with a couple of images...check it out if you get a chance! Bye for now!


Katie said...

Can't wait to see how your new "do" looks!!

Sue said...

Sounds like a busy month for you guys ! Waiting for new photos of the hair please !