Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Howdy Doody!

Wow, that does sound chipper! And I suppose I am feeling pretty upbeat at the moment...and why shouldn't I? Tafe is fun, the kids are happy and healthy, I have been busy with my lil old business, I am finallly losing weight, we have our annual Easter Egg hunt this weekend... Yup...all is good! I am just wishing I could get a full nights sleep again, but at the moment I am sleeping so lightly, Audrey rolls over down stairs and I wake up! Must be all that info going round in my where to store it! LOL!
Lorena, Tiff and I ran our annual Trivia Night on Saturday. It was so much fun, only a little bit competitive but such a riot! We had a really successful evening and managed to raise lots of money for the school which is really cool! We finished up at about 11:30 and a big group of us thought we would kick on at the local pub for a while...Saturday night is karaeoke night there...woo hoo. Perhaps I am still recovering from that one...I am pretty sure I didn't sing up on stage, but we were doing plenty of stage front singing!!! There was actually some pretty good talent there too! Big thanks to my lovely husband who drove us all home too...he is so good to me!
The next day I met up with some friends from TAFE for the AIPP judging at Mt Gravatt Tafe...Wow there were some seriously awesome images there...very inspiring! I am dying to get out and take some photos soon, but I am lacking in willing posable kids have hit saturation point! My sister is expecting twins in there is an awesome photo opportunity!
We have had a great week for catching up with old friends. Jason and Ingrid (Audrey's OTHER godparents) came over for dinner on Sunday night with their gorgeous girls and then one of my dear friends (who was also one of our bridesmaids) Kim and her hubby David came for tea last night. They are visiting from the US so it was lovely to see them for a bit and have them all to ourselves for a whole evening. They only got married shortly before leaving Brissy so I have not spent a great deal of time with David, but I am happy to say they are a gorgeous couple who are just perfect for each other. Audrey was totally smitten with Kim and could not stop gazing at her adoringly! So sweet!
Well I better go and give the kids some afternoon tea! Catch you later!

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Anne P said...

Sounds like things are going really well Ang. BTW, I have two boys who are still willing to have their picture taken (but only for a limited time frame) ;)... Love your LO's from the Gold Coast.