Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Hello there!

Are you all rested from the past weekend? Whilst I enjoy long weekends, they always throw me and I spend the rest of the week catchingup on the 'lost' day!
I had planned to get a bit of scrapping done this weekend, but was at the last minute asked to do a shoot for Mother's Day and ended up spending the weekend editing those images...

This is an outake from the shoot...but I love it none the less!
And because I feel like I have been a bit slack in the layout department this year...here are a couple I did this past couple of weeks. The first two are DT ones for Scrapbook City. The last two are from a paper pack I got ages ago and only found when I was cleaning up for the Garage Sale...I LOVE the beachy colours...could easily base my whole house on them next time we build!

Fancy Pants - Summer Fun

K and Co - Wild Raspberry

Inque Boutique

And a little Audrey story to give you a giggle...we were driving home from Grandma's house last night and Thomas put the window down. It was pretty windy and I was tired and cranky, so I cracked it.

"You are NEVER to put the window down when we are driving Thomas!" I chided him.

"So what are they there for then mummy, if you can't put them down?" pipes up Miss Audrey.

She is FAST and oh so witty...we are gonna be in BIG trouble!

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Jenny said...

Hi Ang
just dropping by to say hello. I am trying to catch up on some blogs