Sunday, June 21, 2009

A close one!

So we have had a pretty interesting week here at our place. Or it could be thought of as terribly boring depending on which side of the fence you are standing on!
Last Saturday night I went out to tea with some of the mum's from Grade One at school. It was a nice night, but I left early as I had a sore shoulder and was needing to lie down. I went home to an early bed, but didn't sleep all night. The next day it was a little worse...couldn't breathe deeply, that sort of thing. I went and saw my dear friend Donna who is studying Bowen Therapy who tried to alleviate the pain, but it only worked for an hour. By 7:30 Sunday night it was pretty unbearable, so I thought I would take myself off to hospital for a special injection. Being pregnant, you have to be careful what you put into your body and they always have the right stuff at the hospital. I went alone, thinking I could catch a cab home if I was too zoinked to drive...mum and dad had a scare with my sister on the Friday night already too...
So I went into the Wesley and was hooked up to a couple of machines instantly. They started talking blood clots and I started panicking! I called Greg and he got his mum to come up. I had a chest xray and they found shows on my lungs that indicated pleurisy and they admitted me for further tests.
The next day they did a CT scan and found numerous small blood clots in my lungs. They had come off a bigger one somewhere but it was in my abdomen and they couldn't do the xray over where the baby was. I also had a scan to check on bub...who is doing quite well actually considering! If I had not gone into hospital, my OBGYN said I would have likely passed away in the night. SO I have spent the week in hospital being poked prodded and injected every 4 hours and came home on Friday afternoon very sore and tired but oh so glad to be home!
My little babies managed ok without me, I suppose but I was spoilt with lots of hugs and kisses all weekend. I was even treated to breakfast in bed on was so sweet to see Audrey carrying it up the stairs...she grew up a little bit this week!
I have to have blood thinning injections for the next 6 months which I know I am not going to enjoy. I was alright for the first few, but after seeing the mess they make of my tummy I am more and more reluctant to do it. Luckily Greg has no such qualms and has been totally fine with stabbing me! Hopefully the REST of this pregnancy will go without trouble...
I know our family could not have gotten by so well this week without the love and support of our family and friends, Mum, Barbara, Donna and Lorena...You help has meant so much to us all. Thankyou! xxx


Anne P said...

OMG, Ang, I'm glad to hear you are OK and you make sure you take care of yourself!

Carol-lea said...

Yikes Ang!! Talk about scarey! Glad everyone is taking care of you.

Hugs xx

Anonymous said...

omg Ang what a scare, big hugs to you.Look after yourself, thinking of you xx Rach

Jo said...

Goodness Ang, you don't do things by halves do you?
Hope you are feeling better. Email me if you would like a visitor at any time.


Sandra D said...

OMG Ang!! I'm just catching up on all my blogging and that sounded close!! Take it easy chicken :)