Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Slowly, slowly...

So I am slowly getting back into the swing of things. It is taking a while though. I think the medication the doctor has put me on for the blood clots messes with my head a bit. Either that or baby brain has set in early...I am going for the med explanation...suits me better!

We had a scan yesterday to test the nuchal fold. It came out really well which was a huge relief. I know I am only 33 and we would never choose to end this pregnancy willingly, but it is always a stress in the back of you head. It was too early to determine the sex, although they could see Rosie's twins at 13 weeks...the next scan is in 3 weeks so we will hopefully see then.

I have a mountain of TAFE work to catch up on. Something like 4 assignments! I can't believe I got so far behind with a few weeks of drama's. I will have to be extra specially committed next term that's for sure. I have learnt so much this past 6 months...it was such a good decision to go. My business has just gone from strength to strength. I just have to get off my toosh and update the blog. I think I have about 8 shoots that I have not posted on there since Feb!!! Shocking!

The children are on holidays at the moment. They have been so good to me this past couple of weeks. I am so lucky to have them. I took some pretty awesome shots yesterday at the park...I love getting all three of them together in one shot...

The boys are off to Cartooning Camp tomorrow and Audrey and I are taking a friend to Hannah Montanna. Massive girly overload I think but I hope I will get through it OK. It has never been said that I am a girly girl that's for sure! Then on Thursday we will see Miss Sue and Sharon...I cannot wait, it has been too long again. I just wish she could live in Brissy again...it has been 11 years now since she moved to the UK! Geez time flies! Friday I am hoping that Greg can stay home...I think I will be totally knackered by then!

I am going to go and do some scrapping I think...will try and post it here tomorrow, I know it has been so long!

By the way, what do you think of the new template? I am trying to add stuff, but it keeps coming up with errors...will work on it with a friend who knows html back at TAFE!


Katie said...

I do like the new template, but I keep getting confused because you keep changing it!!! Glad to hear all is going well. Hope we can catch up soon. Maybe a coffee next week with Tam too.

kelly xx said...

i like it