Friday, July 03, 2009

School Holidays are always so much fun. I love that I can start the day and not have to get out of my pj's until 9am. I love that I can get he washing and baking done early and then we are free for the rest of the day. This must be what it feels like for people who live close enough to school to walk...if only hey!
We have been super busy and I am really tired, but the kids are happy and that is the main thing! We have been to the park a couple of times, to a movie, to IKEA, to cartooning camp, to high tea, to a crafting day at Lorena's as well as watched a couple of new DVD's and a fair bit of Ben 10. This afternoon we are going down to the local cookie shop to decorate cookies. Just as well though, it is blowing gale force winds here! We have just got back from the park and Audrey has the slapped cheek look happening...chaffing...ouch!
I have been scrapping a little but not had time to photograph it. I am to tired to get much done of an evening, but I am trying...I have a few deadlines to meet!

I took these pics at Anzac Park on Monday. I know Auds is not looking her usual girly self, but I do love them. I cannot believe how big they are getting. And that soon a tiny one will be joining them...that is still a bit surreal to me! In my head they are all still my babies, but when I see a photo like this it reminds me how grown up they really are.

Back later with those scrappy pages I guess...til then!

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