Saturday, October 31, 2009


Oh my it has been a while hasn't it?

Let's do a quick update and thenI can cross another thing off the list ;)

So we had a fantastic school holidays up in Caloundra. Lots of trips to the beach and the pool too. Thomas had a really bad reaction to some suncream that took almost the whole time to clear up, but aside from that we were all happy and healthy the whole time! I had an assignment to shoot while I was there, so I did get a couple of ok shots, but for the most part I left the camera in the bag! So not like me, but I really couldn't be bothered!

We had lots of visitors and really enjoyed seeing our friends in our second home. I always end the holiday trying to come up with ways we could make a complete sea change, but it never works out! I need my extended family close by I think! That and the fact that if we lived there any time we went on holiday it would not compare relaxation wise so I think we will have to keep things the way they are at the moment! It would have been perfect if Greg had been able to take some time off, but we compromised and her comuted every day, so at least we saw him in the evenings.

I also had a break from all the doctors appointments for a few weeks which was so lovely. Even though I missed checking up on my little bubba, it was nice to have a break from the running around that has become my weeks. We were back into it the second week of term though, with 3-4 appointments each week up until now! Seriously, I am keeping at least one staff member at Medicare employed I swear! Happily, all is going well and we are booked in for a CS on the 24th. Hopefully I will not have any issues until then because A. she will only be 34 weeks at that stage and that is young enough for me for her to be born. and B. I have a huge list of things to achieve before then and really can't afford not to get it all done! So no dramas (pretty please with sugar on top!).

We have celebrated Dee's 40th , had High Tea Buffet at the Stamford, been out to tea with Lyn and Trea and Rod from Fiskars while they were visiting from Melbourne, had some fun family trips (bushwalks are not their favourite thing to do!!! tough luck thugh, I enjoy them!), been to a couple of tupperware and Grace cosmetics parties. I have done a few fun photo shoots, plus the centre photos for YWest again. We have watched lots of scary movies (my favourite!) and some good thrillers/suspence ones too. I have almost done all my assessments for tafe after having a min fit that I wouldn't be able to get it all done...Almost time to put my feet up and rest. Unfortunately that list is not going to achieve itself so I better go and cross this blog entry off (plus the three I did for scrapbook city), make the kids lunch and start getting ready for the big Halloween party at school tonight! Bye!

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Anne P said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday. Glad to hear things are going well with bub and loved the LO's o SBC. :)