Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Well, I am here now...

I came on to delete some annoying spam comments...and thought I may as well pop a little post in here to keep everyone up to date with our family once again!

We are all well this week. Everyone is getting very excited about the new arrival...13 more sleeps now and she will be here and all will be well...phew! I am 32 weeks pregnant and have a belly the size of a full termer! There is not a lot of room left in there though and she is starting to knock me about a bit when she moves. Especially due to the whole scar thingy, we are having to take it easy for the next two weeks. I haad a week at the Wes last week to rest and if I don't slow down I will have to go back...nothing like the threat of incarceration to keep you on the straight and narrow! LOL!

The children are waiting patiently too. Thomas is about the most excited as anyone can be...in fact I really should be printing off the calender I promised I would for him to count down the days! He is really going to be a great big brother to this little one I am sure the others will be too. I bet in two years time I will be one here with pictures of this poor child dressed up as Princess Laya in a pram or something else...hopefully she won't be too strong willed like her sister and happy just to join in!

Only four weeks left of school too...time to start some Christmas shopping I suppose...I have a list and this year I have to stick to it! Doing well so far though...

I had a huge clean out of my scrap room a couple of weeks ago. It looks so different now! I wish I could sit in my chair to use it but unfortunately I am too uncomfortable...so all scrapping is done in my head. Now would be a great time for a Gypsy wouldn't it! lol!

I have been meaning to take pictures of the layouts I did on retreat with Scrapbook City but I have never gotten around to it. I will one day I am sure!

Take care everyone! Back soon I am sure!

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