Friday, January 01, 2010

What's up with us....

Happy New Year! We have had a quiet one here at our place due to a very small and cuddly little baby who has taken over our lives! Greg and I watched a movie and I waited for the last feed of the night, saying I would go to bed when she woke up to feed...and she slept until 11:30, which meant I could stay up to see in the new year. Greg on the other hand didn't make it til midnight. I don't know why...could have had something to do with the wine he had to drink on his own. I am still on the blood clotting medication so no party drinks for me!

Here are the kids on Christmas morning. Unfortunately I didn't get a lot of shots on Christmas day...had my hands full most of the time, if not with Annie, then with food! LOL! I did get this one of Dad and Joseph though...I love it!

And speaking of photos I love, check this out! Here is Audrey and Annie...two sisters. Auds asked to have a photo with Annie...I got heaps of beautiful shots of her, her hair was doing good things on this day!

We have a few things coming up for us to go to. It will be strange getting back into the real world after having a six week hiatus. But life must go on, and we can't sit up in our rooms cuddling babies for ever...or can we??? Be sure to have a look at Annie's blog Some entries will be pictures only from now on...that is really what I would lilke for it to be about.

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