Wednesday, February 03, 2010


I have been kind of busy with this little one of late! Luckily she is an absolute pleasure to be around hey! She has just started giving out kisses to anyone who puts their cheek close enough, much to the delight of the children! The hair does not look like it is falling out anytime soon either, and her eyes have lightened up to a very pretty blue.
Audrey has started Prep, Joseph is in Grade Two and Thomas is now in Grade Four! I am wondering where all the years are going and have been feeling very nostalgic of late. Here are all the kids on the first day of school...
I do hope the boys will look after Audrey at school. She absolutely adores it and is already well known around the place so has fit right into the new routine. She asked me yesterday if now, because she was going there they would change the name of the school to Since Audrey's, because it has been Since Joseph's long enough! HA ha she makes me laugh.
Meanwhile, Thomas takes out the award for pulling the wool over mummy's eyes...he had not brought any homework home and I asked him where it was. He told me his teacher was CHALLENGING him to do two nights worth in one night and I believed him! LOL!
I have had a little bit of time to scrap. I have a huge ile of new poduct waiting to be played with, but I try to get all my Xmas ayouts done by the end of January every year first. Her are a few of the Christmas layouts from this year.
Hmmm not sure why that is sideways...too bad, I can't be bothered changing it now.

Mow that the children are back at school I hope to have a bit more time to potter. We'll hopefully see some results in that area after all the doctors appointments are over and done with!

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Anne P said...

Wow, she is getting big so quickly. Love all your LO's, beautiful.