Saturday, March 20, 2010


The second time in a month I have lost photos! I know I take a lot and many would think it would not hurt to have a few less, but seriously...not happy!
I have just lost a dozen photos of the childen at Thunderbird Park. We went for a drive up there last weekend. It was raining but still a pleasant day none the less. The children and Greg went to dig for their very own thunder eggs, and Annie and I stayed behind to check out the park in the rain. It was so nice to go out on our very first family outing! We went and had lunch at The Bearded Dragon that afternoon. There was a band playing for St Patricks Day and plenty of old ephemera (JUNK) to look at. All in all a lovely Sunday for everyone. Hopefully next time the majority of the car trip won't be spent listening to Annie protest at the backwards travelling...2 months til we can turn her around!

I was going to upload a few layouts but for some reason they keep coming up sideways! Very strange! I have been having a lot of fun with ths book:

So far I have done three layouts inspired by the challenges in there! I am loving having a new focus again...lots of fun!

I took these pics of Audrey the other day. She has noticed me taking 100's of photos of Annie and asked to get in on some too! There are a stack more soon to be gracing a few scrappy pages in the days to come!

Off to celebrate my neices birthday tomorrow! Hopefully we can get a couple of pics of the twins too! They have grown sooo much since our last shoot!

Oh and I should be able to post about my fun news next week some time...Scrapbooking related of course! Until then, have a good weekend!


Sara Pearcy said...

To bad about the photos Ang. :(
Love theseshots of A. For a kid that had no (or very little) hair for so long, she certainly has a beautiful headful now!!!

Anne P said...

Can't wait to see your LO's and sorry to hear you lost pictures, so frustrating.