Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Scrapbook Apprentice Finalist! WooHoo!

Hi there everyone! Just a little toot from me today...I have been selected as a finalist for the DoCrafts/Printblocks Scrapbook Apprentice competition! I am so excited I can hardly wait to get started! We have received our first packs and will be starting our projects soon...check out your latest DoCrafts Creativity Magazine for all of the finalists...this is the layout I submitted for the entry.

These are the ones I sent in for my application...

There will be voting to be done...(thanks in advance hint hint!!!)...and lots of projects coming up! I am so pumped!


Anne P said...

Congrats Ang that is fantastic.

Katie said...

Yay! Glad that cat is out of the bag and glad you finally got your stuff!!

Kirsten said...

Hi Ang
Congrats on making the top 12. I am also a finalist. how did u find the first round? My email is kirsten_casey@hotmail.com