Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Here they are!

Just a few layouts I have done for Scrapbook City lately. We had the retreat a couple of weekends back and lots of new product came just in time for us to have a big play. I am slowly working my way through the six inch stack of photos on my desk. I am thinking I will be done by 2020 if I am lucky ;)

Please excuse the bad shots was raining and overcast when I took them and I have not gotten around to doing them again. They were part of a class the ladies did on retreat...kind of like an extra if you have time. 

That one is a quick and simple!
I took Annie along on the Sunday so I could visit Danielle for a massage. She now has a thousand new fans :))) Next retreat she will be so much more fun to have around. I just love the vibe at retreats, I always come away feeling so inspired and connected. I suppose because I sit up here in my little room scrapping on my own I forget how social it can be! I do need to get out more!

More layouts next time...some I have just done with no deadlines and I have to say, they took forever and I am really pleased with them. Happy scrapping!

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