Wednesday, May 05, 2010

We have been busy...

A picture heavy post to show what we have been up to of late!
Easter was spent at Golden Beach with my family. It was cold and REALLY windy, but everyone had a lovely time!
I love this photo...can't wait to show it to them when they are older. I hope they always get on like this!
Egg hunting at Edenbrooke again. Plenty of bounty was found...and a few went missing I am sure too!
School Holidays were good. They went too fast as usual. We tried bowling for the first time. I loved it. So did the kids. Will be doing it again next holidays for sure.
Greg and Annie and I went for a weekend to Melbourne. We had such a wonderful time but it was way too short. We are thinking of road tripping down there in a year or so.
Annie started solids. She really was this apprehensive about it. But now she loves them. So far her favourite has been blueberries!
Joseph grew older this month. I don't know how it happened so fast but he is such a big boy now. And just perfectly wonderful with Annie. He plays with her for half an hour in a stretch just babbling along with her and playing right at her level. So patient!
Thomas turned nine! He is BIG now too. And ever so handsome. He received lots of books for his birthday this year. His favourite was a drawing one from my parents. He has it under his pillow and it is miraculously filling up with drawings even though I don't see him doing that much in the light of day. I think there is a little bit of twilight scribbling going on but who am I to stand between a boy and his creativity? I read many books by torch light as a girl and I turned out fine!
We celebrated with family and a cake that was a giant block of chocolate. I forgot to get a photo of was not that exciting though.
Here are the twins that afternoon. They are growing up so fast. Stella is the spitting image of Emily and Harry is just such a cutie!
And I go a new camera! And with the purchase came a whole stack of work out of the blue! A christening, a wedding and a couple of corporate shoots all in the space of a week!!! So I am becoming very close to my laptop again and editing like mad. So I guess I am returning to 'work'. If you would like to get your portraits updated, now is the time!
I also have a few dozen layouts to post!

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