Friday, June 04, 2010

Scrapbook Apprentice Round 1

Hi there!
Comments for Scrapbook Apprentice Round One are now being received here.
You know know my style! If you have seen the mag and would like to comment please do. All comments are appreciated! If you have not seen the mag and would like to, go here for stockists. Or come over for a coffee and I will show you mine :)

And because what is a post without a layout, here is one I did a few days ago!

I really really like the Basic Grey Nook and Pantry line...I do have a thousand embellisments left over as most of my pages have nothing to do with food! I just love the colours though...especially the yellows!

I have also been trying to use up a bit of the felt I spent a small fortune on when it came out a few years ago...a little bit here and there and we will be fine!

The layout was inspired by one of the challenges in the 52 Scrapbookign Challenges again. This one was to tilt your photos.

We have our school Winter Ball this weekend. I have been employed to take photos again, so I guess no drinkies for me, but I may have to feed Annie in the night, so that really is no biggie! As long as I can have a couple of champers I will be happy!

Have a great weekend...I am off to enjoy a slice of Impossible Pie...a one bowl wonder promising to be a three layer pie!!! YUM!!! Don't forget to vote for meeeeee!!!!!

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Sasha Holloway said...

OMGoodness first off I hope the pie was fabulous but girl girl girl this layout IS AMAZING wow .. i love it love it .. I sooo added you to my blog roll ..

thanks for lovin on the blog