Saturday, November 06, 2010

OOOPS...there goes a few weeks!

Wow it has happened again...not really sure how because I can't say I have been crazy busy at all! Just lazy I guess!
Everyone is well here in Casa De One Ale. We have mostly avoided all the lurgies that come with the hot/cold/hot weather that has been around of late. With a couple of very important birthdays in the next couple of weeks, I am going to be snowed under with the little details that come along with that! Still deciding if I am going to have a party for Annie orr just a family thing...she is finally coming around after the whole hospital stint and is happy to go to other people again, so a party may not be the drama it would have ben a couple of weeks ago!
Audrey is having a princess Belle party...not pink please mummy! So I am in the midst of red and yellow cupacke holders, banners and poms! I am loving it and wish I could do a girly party every year! If I time it right I will be able to eventually...
Here is one lonely little layout from the past few weeks. In between updating my gypsy to get the free 6 cartridges they were offering to planning the party, I have not had a lot of scrappy mojo! I am enjoying sitting on my butt and watching movies on Foxtel while I play with photos though!

I had GRAND plans in the school holidays for an awesoome shoot of the kits. There was this stunning field of dandelions and clover that I wanted to use. It had everything. So I dressed them up on the one and only fine day there was and rocked up...only to find council had literally just left...and the field was mowed :(
Enter plan do it anyway! Not the image I had in mind but a lovely one of the four of them anyway! I wish I could get them to smile like I can get my clients to smile, but it seems that is too hard for them some days.
Off to watch a movie with my hubby now...and indulge in an icecream! I have lost 9 kilos since Annie went into hospital...12 to go until I am happy, but is a good start!

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Anne P said...

Well for someone who does not have any mojo, that LO is just lovely :)