Wednesday, November 10, 2010

300 Posts!

Wow, what a milestone! Three hundred random entries filled with a bit of inspiration, a smidgen of craft, and dash of parenting faux pas with a few drops of mundane daily drudgery! The main aim of this blog when I started it all those years ago was for it to be a record of our lives together and a place to share what I work on during the day. Not much has changed here in all that time, so I guess I have achieved that goal. I still love reading over old entries and often occasionally pick a random month to review from the side bar.

Here is a layout I did last week...I used the Pencilines sketch on the Aussie Scrap Source Blog again. I love a bit of inspiration every now and then! I used the October Studio Calico Kit...These are the October Afternoon Seaside range...I still struggle to mix manufacturers!

Annie and I went to lunch with the ladies for Melbourne Cup at the Monier! I made her a quick fascinator with some left over feathers and a crocheted was too cute! SHE should have won the best dressed award! I was lucky and had a win on the race...$150! Whoop Whoop!

And this is where we are at at the moment...pointing and yelling! LOL! Luckily she has the sweetest voice, so I am not tiring of it YET...

Finally, Michelle L has sent me this lovely blog award!

The rules are:

1. Thank the person that gave it to you. Thanks Michelle...glad someone is still reading!

2. Post it with pride on your blog.

3. List 3 things you love about yourself.

1) I am a glass half full kind of girl.
2) I am dependable.

3) I am a good day the children will appreciate it :)
4. Post a picture you love.

My eldest doing what he does best...He painted the headstone to decorate the reserve across the road for Halloween. We strung up cobwebs (his idea) and dangled spiders. I made a garland with shapes I cut out using the cricut machine. They splashed fake blood everywhere (nice) and had a wonderful afternoon. We had about 40 trick or treaters come through so  they loved that! Next year I might let them go round...have to see what they think then!

5. Pass it on...but all the blogs I read has it so it will have to stop here!

And finally I have a story to share, just for prosperity. I went shopping yesterday and I saw these gorgeous red gingham shirts for the boys for Christmas. I always like to get them a new shirt and have had them matching for a few years now. I was a bit apprehensive as Thomas is 9 now and a few things that were cool are becoming not cool, so I unveiled them with a flourish yesterday afternoon. I need not have worried, both boys gave a resounding "COOL!" so I guess i can have my picture perfect Christmas for another to dress the girls :)
Annie is awake...I better go!

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Michelle Lindenmayer said...

You are looking thin Ang - keep it up - I know how hard it is!!!