Friday, April 29, 2011

Chaverim Retreat

I love Facebook...and not just because I have wasted many hours on there keeping up with the goss and playing Zuma Blitz. It has put me back in touch with heaps of old friends...and given me a chance to run away from it all for a weekend!
At the beginning of April, I met up with Justine and Jody...old friends who I rarely see any more as they live in Bundy and Rocky. But because of Facebook, we realised we needed to catch up again, so we jumped in our cars and met up at the Shalom Chaverim Retreat in Bundaberg for the weekend. Luckily there was a Scrap camp on that weekend so we joined in with a bunch of really lovely ladies and had an absolute ball. The grounds were stunning and the weather was perfect so we made sure we had a bit of a photo shoot!

Thanks for organising us Jody...I know it took ten years. Was certainly worth waiting for though :)

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