Friday, May 27, 2011

Almost winter...

Well it has been a fairly quiet week in the O'Neale household! I have just registered to do some relief teaching this week, so look out western suburbanites...I could be at a school near you soon :)
With that decision came the need to get Annie cared for in some way shape or form. The best and most favoured (and actually cost effective) option was to get a nanny for her and the kids after school. So that started this week too and I have to say it has gone superbly! Rita has joined the family seamlessly...I am so pleased we chose this path!
I have been doing a little bit of scrapbooking. It has been something I would love to spend more time doing, but I seem to be so easily distracted by silly games and the Facebook that I don't get much done. Maybe I need to turn the Internet off in the evenings?
So below is my latest offering for My Scrap room Rules. I much prefer this layout to last weeks, it is a lot more my style!

There is a pressure test tonight! I can't wait to see what that will entail!

Last weekend we all hopped in the car ands travelled to New Farm to watch Greg play soccer. It was such a nice day I thought I would try and get a couple of pics. He played really well, but he always does :)

While he played we all hung out in the park. His mum and dad came to watch too, which was really nice as did his sister Mel. I love casual, impromptu get togethers!

Markets bright and early in the morning...I have to get some more of those delicious Stanthorpe Strawberries! Have a great weekend!

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