Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So this is what our May and June have looked like! It has been such a cold and dreary Winter so we have done lots of wintry activities!

Here is Annie at her cousins first birthday. She loved the party atmosphere!

All the second cousins and cousins...minus my boys who were too cool for photos...check out Annie...she was totally posing here!

The beautiful and exceptional Audrey! Who lost a tooth and insisted on a photo shoot. OK, mummy insisted, but she was more than willing!

Here's Annie looking all sweet and innocent...we know better though! She is starting to put a few words together now. That one, look me mummy, and that daddy are her favourite things to say. She doesn't  have a lot of single words, but that will improve soon I am sure. She certainly has no trouble getting her point across!

She loves sucking on oranges while I watch Thomas play soccer. He is playing so well this season...I love seeing the strength in his body when he kicks the ball or jumps makes me feel so proud to know the food and love he gets makes such a healthy, fit body!

Kerensa and Gary have bought a dog...they called him Baxter...I am smitten!

Joseph would love a dog for himself. He is such a gentle soul this boy...I love him to bits!

Again with the sports, this time it was the 100m finals at Sports day. Thomas came in third in the finals and won a place at the District sport event. Unfortunately on the big day at QE2 he had an asthma attack in the middle of the 800m and had to pull out.We were so sad for him, but he was totally non plussed...

The children all had lovely reports from their teachers this year. It was so nice to sit down and hear three lots of good news!

In other news, I am working Saturdays at Somewhere to Scrap now...come and see me if you can!

And in the most important and exciting news of all...Mrs O'Neale is back in the building! I have gone back to the classroom and am doing some relief work in readiness for my proper return to work next year. I am also doing a special course to refresh myself on all the new initiatives that have been put into place since I left the workforce all those years ago. It has so far been so exciting and I am looking forward to going back to work so much more now.

School holidays are upon us again...I know I am enjoying the sleep ins, but not the day long open kitchen! For some reason the kids think because it is so cold they need a hot lunch! My waistline won't cope with two whole weeks of this!

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