Thursday, June 30, 2011


A few months ago, Fiskars sent me a pair of secateurs to try out. I was quite old ones were pretty rusty and blunt. There is a big Mulberry tree in our back yard that grows out of control every year, so we do need to keep it pruned back as much as possible!
I had a little play with them and they seemed to be very easy to use. Having had hand surgery a few years back, my wrists and hands get quite stiff, so I was keen to see if there was any pain when I did the big SQUEEZE! To my surprise, the handle rotated in my hand and they sliced through that branch like a hot knife through butter!

It was so easy I let Thomas do the rest of the tree...he was only 9 then and thoroughly enjoyed the power of the Fiskars secateurs! Plus I got to have a beautiful hand model!

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Katie said...

I got some of these too Ang, and I think the kids do use them more than I do! They are certainly very well made for anyone who doesn't have a lot of hand strength.