Friday, December 09, 2011

November Wrap up!

These days I am always pleased when November is done and dusted. Don't get me wrong, I love all our celebrations, but adding them to end of school, extra clients and the usual hury burly of family life, each special function feels like a small accomplishment.

These two thankfully have been spending lots of time together...finally. It has been a long two years with the two of them competing for my attention, but now I just need to dump out a box of Barbies of Polly Pockets and they play together for ages! Here's to  a life long relationship like that!

Greg and I have celebrated 12 years of marriage. We have been together for 18 years this year. It is the year I have been with Greg longer than I was without him. I know we have a lifetime of good and bad times ahead of us too!

Annie has had her second birthday. She was surprised with a you think she likes it?

She also had her hair cut off. It was so fine and whispy that I was worried it would not thicken up. So we chopped off the bottom and she is just as cute as ever!

She totally loved blowing out her candles this year...she looks a bit close here though! Eek!

To celebrate the girls birthdays we had a joint party. I made these cake pops...something I have wanted to try for ages, but never gotten around to it. i am so glad i did...they were delicious!

And here is Miss Audrey celebrating her 7th birthday! She is already telling everone she will be eight next all will come around again so soon...she really is so grown up now.

So after all that I think we deserve a big holiday! Caloundra here we come!


Anne P said...

Fabulous pictures Angela, and congratulations on all the celebrations.

Katie said...

Love Annie's new hair do, she looks gorgeous!