Monday, November 14, 2011

Wow...that was an epic hiatus!

Like a bear I have finally risen from my hibernation and am finally ready to face the rest of the ear! That sounds a bit dramatic doesn't it? Not really like that at all! I have been so busy that any down time I have had has been spent (wasted) on blog reading and zuma blitz playing rather than creating!
I do have a couple of layouts that I wanted to they are!

This first one is based on the BG Sketch for the week...I have had the Studio Calico Kit sitting on my desk since May I think! Finally found the right pic for the beautiful papers!

The rest of these layouts are done in my usual style of gathering a kit together and scrapping it until I am well and truly done! I thoroughly enjoyed using this BG line...Lauderdale I think it was called. Some are based on sketches, some are inspired from other day I will improve my system of inspiration gathering so I can give proper credit!

 I know this one was inspired by Keisha Campbell...I do love what she does...and I love to turn the tables on her neutral colour schemes too ;)

The family are all are growing like weeds! We had Annie at the Pead this morning for her 2 year old check up (I know...2...I am not really ready to go there yet!). She is still under the 3% but has decresed the amount she is under in the past 3 that is good. She is just tiny. Luckily she is completely adorable and has everyone under her spell.

These two have finally startd playing together. I knew it would take a while for Audrey to adjust but now that Annie is starting to play real games she is realising how much fun a little sister can be...I think we will have a year of good times before the drama starts! Fun times ahead I am sure!

I am off to bed...hopefully I will have something more interesting to post after scrap night tomorrow night!


Michelle Lindenmayer said...

Yay Ang - so glad you blogged - have really missed seeing your layouts - the first one in particuarly is amazing!

Anne P said...

Stunning work Ang and great to see you creating.

Angela said...

Thanks girls...feels good to be back in the craft room!