Monday, February 27, 2012

I miss blogging!

 I want to blog. I miss documenting our lives as they go along, on photo opportunity at a time. I seem to have fallen off the blogging wagon though, not through any real decision to stop, just an insane decrease in my LEISURE time (remember that joke???).
Now that I am back at work I really need to fit more into my days. They were already jam packed with all sorts of things...a few things have to be dropped this year, like netball training and fete stalls and trivia night planning. All things I really enjoy and look forward to doing again one day. I don't want my blog to fall into that hole though. I have been here in some way shape or form for many years now (at least five!) and I am happy here.
So aside from a return to work, what has 2012 brought us so far?
Firstly, we have  new cousin to smother with kisses...Nathan. He is divine. I am heading off to my brothers to do some lovely family portraits this weekend...hope bubby is in the mood for lots of snuggles!  My boys both got exceptionally smoochy around was so gorgeous to watch them!

Now that I am back in the classroom, I am finding heaps of fun activities to do...on this day we made paint with cornflour, bicarb and food colouring and water, then sparyed it with white vinegar to watch it foam up. The road was covered in a foaming mess, (completely biodegradable by the way) they kids got a little science lesson,

 And this little munchkin got to cover herself in colour...her favourite daily activity! She really cracks me up!

Let's try and catch up again soon hey!

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Anne P said...

I guess you are not getting very crafty at the moment either then!! You should try and get away for a scrap occasionally. I'm off to TWO retreats this year, one up North QLD and the other at Brookfield. Hope to see more blog posts soon :)