Friday, September 16, 2005

An addiction is forming...

I am addicted to my blog. And yours, if you have one! I love reading about other people's lives! And sharing mine! So if you do read it...thanks! I do love to share! I have enabled comments now, so feel free!

Day at home today. I bought the boys Robots the movie and they totally loved it...quite a cute little story I think. Just could not sit through the whole thing at once myself...better things to do I guess!

Audrey still isn't well, should be on the mend though. She ate dinner and has kept it down, but who knows what tomorrow will bring!

Had a great night at SAM last night. I really love having a regular place to go to and scrap with some great friends. Not that I usually get much scrapping done!

I now have all the BG 'lucky' papers I want...will be using them shortly. I am going to try and scrap more during the day when Audrey has her nap. If she will let me do some jobs while she is awake that is! At least I will then be in the same room as the boys rather than running all over the house.

looking forward to the weekend...hopefully it will bring on a sale of the house. Cross your fingers for us!

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