Monday, September 19, 2005

I am not a walking advertisement for children today!

If you haven't had kids yet, don't read this. It will put you off for life. If you do read this, I accept no responsibility for it. But rest assured that it doesn't all happen at once, it gets worse expedentially.
Thought I would post my night last night.

6:30 Audrey in bed
7:00 boys to bed
7:05 Audrey still not asleep, more feed
7:30 Thomas asleep, Joseph awake wanting to take his broom to bed??!!??
8:00 Thomas awake with a bad dream...can't move my legs
8:45 Joseph awake for a drink
10:00 Thomas awake with sore legs...time for panadol
10:45 Joseph awake with a sore toosh....cream and panadol for him
11:00 Jose awake again...for a hug!
11:15 Mummy in bed totally knakered

anyone could have woken up during the next few hours...didn't hear anything until...

4:00 Audrey up for a feed
5:00 Audrey still awake...not crying, just whinging off and I am awake too!
5:15 Audrey asleep
6:30 Send Greg in to get Audrey up. Assulted with three smiling faces bright and cheery, ready for a day of play!

Meanwhile I did get a couple of layouts done. Won't post them yet til I decide if I want to send them in to FK or not. Not sure if my style of scrapping is what they like! I love these LO though.

have a great day!

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