Tuesday, September 20, 2005

SAM is the best!!

OK. After spending the day traipsing around the few scrap shops in Brisbane I have not yet visited, I can safely say that SAM is still my alltime favourite. Best stock, best layout (even though it is small), great staff (hehe). I don't think I need to go anywhere else for a long time! I remember my first visit there...I was so in awe of all the Chatterbox...and I haven't stopped referring people since.
Audrey had a crumby day though, not enough sleep and too much time in the car, poor little thing. Didn't stop her from being 'endearing' to anyone who looked twice at her...she sure does know how to turn on the charm!
We also had a bit of a frustrating experience with a real estate agent. Not our agent we have listed with...she is fantastic! But another agent from the office called to make an appointment. I got the house spotless. She changed the appointment time to 5:30...busiest time of the night. I raced into the city to get Greg, raced home, fed bub, Greg got the boys and took them to the park...they were high as kites. 6pm came and no agent. Got a phone call saying that after talking to the clients she has decided not to bring them around as they weren't in our price range and SHE DIDN'T WANT TO WASTE MY TIME!!! ER DER!!! Already wasted! Gosh I was mad!
Had a clothes party tonight...not bad stuff, but I would have liked to see more summery stuff. Met a few girls from the SAM boards. I am really looking forward to the retreat now...mum is coming too so it should be heaps of fun!

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