Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Just a quicky!

Just a quick post while Audrey is sleeping...still. The poor little darling had her frst tummy bug hit this morning and neither of us were even remotely prepared! Neither of the boys had a tummy virus til they were 2, so I am kind of in the dark on this one. Lucky I didn't wean her!
Had a brainwave in the shower this morning and turned around to draw in the mist on the glass and realised I had square tiles! Now I can do all my LO sketches in the shower LOL!! Only while rinsing my hair though, not standing idly under running water due to strict water restrictions!
Am very excited as SAM has just got a whole shipment of papers in. Both Basic Grey and Junkitz and they look unreal. esp the BG. Can't wait to get creating. Have not been 'allowed' to scrap since Friday and am having a few withdrawls...the table is coming out tonight though!
Chow for now,

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