Thursday, September 08, 2005

Thursdays always seem to come around so quickly. Then again, life seems to be flying by me at the moment. I have resolved to enjoy every day again, as I have recently realised how lucky I am! I don't 'have' to to go to work, I am able to stay home with my beautiful munchkins! I think I had gotten myself into a bit of a downward spiral and it wasn't until the recent events in the US that i stopped and analysed my life. Here is what I discovered:
* I need more continuous sleep! If it means weaning Audrey, I shouldn't feel bad about it.
* I love playing and shouldn't feel guilty about playing with the kids (God knows why I do!!!).
* The housework can wait...for a while anyway!
* I used to be really good at multi-tasking...I need to rekindle that skill, so then I can play more, but still get stuff done.
* It is ok to be a little bit obsessive about things. Just a little though!
* I really really love my hubby! When the day to day things take over, sometimes I forget how much I do care about him. He is a great dad, and a supportive and loving husband.
* I need to be more patient with Thomas. I forget he is only 4 and sometimes expect way too much from him! Both our lives would be happier if I took a chill pill!!!
* The scrapping obsession is not abating, so I may as well totally give in! I can't wait until we have our new house and I won't have to unpack and pack up every night!

Well, that feels better. Probably more to it, but it will do for now!
I did actually do a LO last night for the FK elite team comp. I am about 80% happy with it, but it is all stuck down now, so it will have to do! May just have to do an extra though. 1 down, 5 to go...better get cracking, only 2 weeks left.

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