Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Day

Oh YAY, it is OVER!!! I have had the BEST day ever...but I am so glad it is finished. This kids had so much fun opening presents and giving them to their family and we all ate too much but it was such a great time!
We started off the day having to wake the boys at 7:30 cause we had to get going over to brunch. So I rattled the cupboard doors to get them moving and they jumped out of bed and out of their room without even checking their stocking! So an hour and a half later we jumped in the car and went over to the O'Neales for brunch and pressies. Fruit salad, croissant, pancakes, yoghurt and Chistmas delicious and a great way to start the day. Then over to the Stewarts for lunch and more pressies. Mum made the nicest cold turkey and dad cooked a glazed ham. MMMMM. Then home at 7pm for some garlic prawns a la gregnang! Great way to end a day too! HMM, sounds like xmas is all about food for me!
We did two secret santa's too and I got a new hair dryer and a hair straightner (wanted one of those for a while now!) and a Coffee Machine! YAY, real coffee for breakfast. And just in time coz my 2 for 1 card at McCafe runs out next week!
The kids did very well and I am looking forward to the next couple of weeks so we can play with all the toys. And clean out the cupboards too!
Hope your Christmas was as good as ours!


Roz said...

oooh, you got some fab goodies Ang!! enjoy!

Glad you had a lovely day :o)

Sara said...

Merry Christmas, Ang! Sounds like you had a ball! Thanks for the SMS - sorry I didn't return it... battery issues with phone. Christmas IS about the food, though, isn't it??