Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year!

Hi all! Happy New Year and all that jazz! Hope you had a great night and managed to stay awake to see in the new year. We ended up going to a friends to play some board games. It was soo much fun and I was the designated driver!! Just as well, coz I had promised the boys that I would take them to the beach today! There is no way I would have driven all that way on my own with a hangover!!!

So, 2006. What will it bring for us? Hopefully, our house will sell at auction on the 21st. Then we can start building our new house, complete with scrapping room for me, YAY! Thomas will start preschool, and I am considering returning to teaching...have to sort out daycare and after school care first! No babies in the plan as yet...we might try and hold off til the whole house situation is totally sorted...there is no way I am moving when I am pregnant if I can help it!
All in all, I am looking forward to this next year! Audrey will be walking soon and is saying more and more every day. Josey is 3 on Friday! 3!! My little baby boy! Looking forward to a quiet week here...we have been flat strap the last couple of days and I am near exhaustion!


Roz said...

HNY Ang!!

Your kids are looking so gorgeous here!!

GL with the auction- I hope you get what you want!

Sara said...

....and Happy New Year, too!! Another year with lots planned. Best of luck with the auction on the 21st. I hope you have a bidding war and the house sells for well above expectations!!

Happy Birthday to darling Jose!! Mia keeps asking about him - so cute.