Thursday, January 05, 2006

A conversation with Thomas

It is Joseph's birthday tomorrow. Thomas has been obsessing with what he wants to buy people for their birthdays since we started mentioning it. We were sitting at the table having dinner when he came out with this...I actually teared up and had a little cry!

"Mummy, when it is your birthday, I am going to buy you two things. Do you know what?"
"No, Thomas, what would you like to get?"
"A long flower and a gun!"
"A gun!!! What do you mean?"
"I want to get you a rainbow gun"
"What is a rainbow gun?"
"You shoot it into the sky every morning and then you can see a beautiful rainbow every day."

Days like this make it all worthwhile!


Roz said...

OMG Ang, that is just the most gorgeous thing!! You have to scrap that!!

Anonymous said...

Oh how sweet Angela. Comments like this definately make parenthood worthwhile.

Sara said...

Oh, Ang, that is so beautiful. Such a thoughtful little cutie!!

Marni said...

OMG Ang how sweet is he...I can understand why you cried it would have to be one of sweetest things I have ever heard a child say to his this is definatley a scrappable conversation.

Sue said...

That's amazing ! How do kids even think like that?! Wow...

Sue said...

That's amazing ! How do kids even think like that? Wow. xx