Thursday, January 19, 2006


I have just been totally blown away by this site Digital Grin. It is amazing...this is what photography is all about. I love how these artists share their images and search for feedback. There are some truely amazing artists here. Makes me want to be a MUCH better photographer...maybe I should do a course first!

Not much happening on the home front. The auction is on Saturday, so we are madly cleaning up and sorting to make it look good. Please, please, please let us sell and get the price we want!

I have been scrapping up a storm of late too! Everything around me is inspiring me to do something...I even scrapped a couple more wedding photos and LOVE that LO, but can't post it til the first because it is a DT one!

Thomas starts preschool next week. He got the teacher I wanted him to have, she seemed very nice at the information evening. I am really looking forward to this phase in his life, he is going to learn so much and really love school I am sure! It will be good for me too, cause I will be able to help out at the school a little bit, something I have been wanting to do for ages.

Have good weekend...and think of us at 11am on Saturday!


Roz said...

oh Ang, I am SO thinking of you for Saturday- I will have everything crossed for you!!

Loving the new look blog too :o)

sam said...

Thanks for the link Angela - what a greta site