Wednesday, December 20, 2006

getting better...

Well at least I can sit and scrap for a while...just don't tell my physio, he is a bit tsk tsky when I tell him how I like to spend my spare time! Like I have any control over time...once I sit down at that trestle table, I am not getting up for a while, there is just too much to play with, too many photos to scrap and way too much fun to be had!
We have been keeping busy with all the chrissy celebrations this week. I took the kids into the city to go on the Myer Xmas Express and to see santa...if you are looking for a place to go, this is the one. The kids get a train ride and a goodie bag (complete with a golden ticket), then you join the line to see Santa. There are a couple of waiting areas for you to sit and read books before you go in to see Santa. Inside he is sitting on a comfy bench with a sleeping motorised Rudolph at his feet...the best part is they let you take photos...and you don't have to buy the ones they take!
Audrey was so happy to see Santa. He was surprised at her audacity for her age, but that is our Audrey...she actually ran in and gave Santa a hi 5...and a thumbs up (or a finger in her case) for good measure! The boys were suitably awe struck. I know I will be taking them til they don't want to go any more...I just love the set up they have there.
We also went and saw Open Season. It was quite funny, except for the strange man who came and sat next to Thomas in the middle of the movie and stared at him every time he laughed...he even came up to me after and said he liked to watch kids laugh and see what they thought was funny at different ages...WEIRDO!!! Lucky I was in can do mummy mode, cause the second he sat down I watched him like a sad how guarded we have to be, but there is always that what if in the back of your mind...
The boys got hair cuts and we had lunch and a gellati (sooo yummy). I was so proud of myself for taking them all into the big smoke on my own. I used to hang out in the city every day when I was at hasn't changed too much, still felt confident walking around. I also felt my age! When did everyone in Brissy become so cool??? Or when did I get to be such a dag??? Actually, I always was a dag (as only a dag would use such outdated terminology!).
Only 5 sleeps til Santa comes...I can't wait to give the kids their gifts...Greg and I have decorated a flat pack castle for Thomas. It is the highlight for me. That and Audrey's baby Born and Joseph's I Can Play Piano toy...
Speaking of highlights, I am really looking forward to seeing Eragon. My dad rang today to tell me that he went to a movie that he thought I might be interested in! I thought it was so sweet of him to remember how much I love the fantasy genre and then to offer to mind the kids so I can get to see it after Christmas one day, Greg and I will get to see Eragon!!!
I have tried uploading a couple of pics, but it isn't working. This is only my first time I have had problems with uploading, so I have been lucky so far. I will try again next time.
Too roo! (yep it's true I am a dag...I even still say bonza! lol!)


Alicia said...

Sounds like a great set up for Santa. We gried to take Kyan to see the Mavy Santa, but the line up was well over a year. We found another Santa in Manhattan mall with no wait at all. He was a lovelt Santa, and Kyan loved it.

Jen said...

Hey Ang,thank you for dropping by my blog and saying hello it was a nice surprise thank you

Leisa said...

Oh how strange was that weirdo in the movies.

Belinda said...

Hi Ang.
Just dropped by to say hello.
I hope you had a great Chrissy.
Luv Belinda

Sharyn said...

Hi Ang,
I can't believe how much the kids have grown! Especially Audrey!!
I must take the kids to Myer next year...sounds great!
Happy New Year Ang, hope that back is feeling much better soon!

Sara Pearcy said...

Oooh. Weirdo at the movies - yuk!

I took the kids to the Myer set up too. Very impressive and cute. Staff were lovely, but I was awe-struck at the rudeness of some parents!!

With uploading photos, have you un-Beta-ed your blog? They had a problem with the new Beta version, so have removed it. When you follow their steps, you'll be able to upload photos again.

Oh, when in town, did you see the Myer windows? So gorgeous this year!!

Too roo.
xx S.

Sue said...

Awwwww - that looks like lots of fun Ang and the kids are looking as gorgeous as ever.

Happy New Year !