Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Welcome to a new year!

Happy New Year!

It has been a busy couple of weeks here..but quiet too if you know what I mean. We have been hanging around home, just chilling together and playing with all our new toys! The kids were totally spoilt on christmas day...and have heaps of new toys and books to keep them entertained for hours! I love waking up in the morning to the sounds of Joseph and Thomas playing outside their rooms. They stay busy for at least an hour or two...depending on how much sleep Audrey will let me have! Because once she is up, the games end and I have to get up and feed, clothe and entertain the masses!

For the first time this year, I have made some serious goals...I have always avoided making goals, worried that I won't achieve them so preferring to not set myself up for dissappointment. But I have decided that without them, we have no we have made some financial goals and some personal goals and hopefully they will give us the drive we need. from the O'Neale's...

Christmas was great...aside from the tummy bug I had that prevented me from eating anything but a 1 inch square of ham and 2 carrot sticks all day. I was livid as I still had to prepare 4 posh salads and host a cooked breakfast! AND sit through a baked dinner at my MIL! It was however pointed out to me that at least I didn't have to exercise for the next month to get rid of the overeating the rest of the world does on xmas day!

We started the day early (like everyone else with kids!) and open up pressies from each other and santa. I got a speedlite flash for the camera...and it makes a HUGE difference to the photos...thankx santa xo

Then Greg's family ame over for a cooked breakfast. The kids were totally spoilt and were given the most perfect gifts. They love their Grandma and Papa and Aunties and Uncles so they had a ball too.

It was then off to my sister's for lunch with my side. I am so lucky to have my Grandparents with us still and they were there too, along with my mum and dad and brother Mark and his GF Kareena. Rosie was the perfect hostess and again the kids were totaly spoilt! Cousin Emily and Uncle Clint were great fun. Santa bought Em a trampoline for chrissy, so the kids spent the day bouncing on that and playing outside or in the pool. My very talented mum made the girls a cot for their dollies. Audreys is pink and has a tule canopy...I burst into tears when I saw it and it wasn't even for me...I wasn't even really a dolly kind of girl!!!

we headed home at around 5 and after a bath and snack, went to my MIL for the traditional baked dinner. I was starting to feel a bit better by then, so I did manage to eat a bit of turkey! We were totally knackered so skipped the annual gam of Trivial Pursuit and sat around chatting instead!
Audrey was too busy trying to jump on the trampoline to join in for this photo!

I hit the sales the next day...not too hard, but I did sore some great a pair of $120 accidentally marked down to $20...gotta love Myer!!! We stayed pretty quiet for the rest of the week. It rained and the kids were happy playing inside and watching George of the Jungle over and over and over.....

On Friday I went to a crop night at Scrap City. I love going out to scrap and chat. I met some lovely ladies and caught up with some old friends...all in all a great night. I even completed their cybercrop challenges, but never got around to uploading them!

The next day I accompanied Nikala on a photo shoot for a wedding. I have to say that it was so much fun...I think I got some great shots and I know Nikala got some awesome ones too! Hopefully there will be more weddings to do, cause we do make a great team!!!

Then it was NYE!!! Greg and I got a room at Rydges and went to the seafood buffet there. They actually cook up garlic prawns in front of you on demand!!! It was divine and we totally overindulged on food and we went for a huge walk through the city after tea, but went back to our room for the midnight fireworks and countdown. It was no struggle to stay awake as we are both night owls, and we ended up watching old video clips for a couple of hours afetr that!

I am looking forward to this year. I have taken the kids out of daycare and I am looking forward to spending more time with my delightful daughter and gorgeous boys!

I have done at least 7 Christmas layouts so far this year with another 8 on the planning table!

Here are a couple I have uploaded to SAM for some Elsie challenges....


lee woodside said...

OH I love that first picture!!!
Happy New Year. Cant wait to see what you have in store for us for 2007. xoxo

Nikala said...

I must say that I feel exhausted for you. I thought we'd been quite busy over Christmas until I read this. Sounds like you've had heaps of fun anyway.

Jo Hutchison said...

Hi Angela,

It was lovely to see you on Friday night. Glad that you are recovering from the bad back well. It's a shame that you got the bug at Christmas Time. Loving your layouts and can't wait to see some more.


francineA said...

wow the photos are stunning angela.. hope you get to stick to your for the tummy bug, it did the rounds here too..
love your layouts and look forward to checking your delightful blog more often