Monday, January 08, 2007

fun is the name of the game! much fun have you all been having???

I have been a bit 'busy' with all the kids home this holiday, so I am trying to focus on the 'fun' things I have been doing. When I look at my is HUGE, so I should stop being stressed and reap the benefits of all the cool stuff I can do BECAUSE of the children :)

My FUN things this week:
* We went to the beach yesterday. We played in the ocean, and the pool and under the giant jets. We ate icecream and had a rest, then went to the park for a game of baseball.
* I saw Happy Feet...and it made me happy too!
* I played dollies and shopping with Audrey for a whole hour this morning!
* I decorated Joseph's birthday cake WITH the kids this time...they loved it and I did too!
* I taught Jose to ride his scooter
* I took photos of my sister and her beautiful family in the park.
* I helped the kids make peanut butter and cheese and ham sandwiches (against my better judgement), then watched them actually eat them! EWWW!!!
* I learned how to build stuff with Thomas and his lego (he taught me actually!)
* I now know the whole script of Cars and George of the Jungle.
* I have never laughed harder than when I saw Thomas pretend to be George of the Jungle and slam himself into the wall and slide down it like he was knocked out!
* Or maybe I did when I watched Joseph be beat up by his imaginary friend Diggy (who is an elf)... mum and dad gave me some excellent advice the other night. They said as long as the good times outweigh the bad times life is I sat back and had a look and guess what...they do!


Michelle Jamieson said...

Hi Ang!

Sounds like you've had fun this week. :-)

Had fun Friday night at the crop. It was great to meet you.

Chelle Xx

Alicia said...

Sounds like a pretty good week Ang, although it doesn't sound like you are resting your back like you should be.