Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Birthday to US!!!

We have had a lovely couple of days! Totally spoilt and indulged in all the naughties like wine and food and chocolate cake, so we will have to work out twice as hard on the weekend...but very happy for it!

I have received some beautiful and thoughtful gifts, none of which I can photograph because I still don't have a camera! It was my first birthday i didn't have a photo on...such a shame to break a 31 year tradition, but you get that!

The kids were so funny when they gave me my pressies. They were upstairs wrapping them with Greg and all of a sudden, Jose bolts down the stairs, runs through the rumpus and back upstairs again. Two minutes later, Thomas does the same. I had no idea what they were up to. Ten minutes later they all come down..."Mummy, you have to hunt for your presents. They are hidden and you have to find them."

"But where do I start looking?" I innocently ask. All at once they screamed where they had hidden their gift and ran off to find it! So funny! Then they proceeded to open my pressies for me all at once! So the entire trasure hunt and gift giving was over witihin 60 seconds! I have to record it, cause it is a birthday I want to remember forever!

Mum, Dad, my sister Rosie and her hubby Clint came over for tea and we had a great night chatting without the kids...I love them to bits, but I am looking forward to the day when I can enjoy their company without explaining to them where to go and what to do and how to do it!

Today was Greg's birthday. We decorated a cake for him this afternoon and he kids wrapped his pressies together. They were waiting by the front door for him to get home when Thomas has the bright idea of having a surprise party for him. He explained to Audrey and Joseph that when you have a surprise party, you have to hide and then shout out SURPRISE when they come in the door. So they left Jose on door duty and ran upstairs to hide!! LOL!! I couldn't let them lose out on the excitement of a real surprise, so we all huddled behind the couch while Greg chatted to his ride home (seemed like agaes to my poor knees!), then lept out with a big surprise when he opened the door! It was very cute! Another frenzy of presents and then we did the cake...chocolate mud (made from scratch too!!) YUM!

We have a few more celebrations to go this week. I love that a birthday lasts all week long!

In scrapping news I received my Chatterbox Prize pack in the mail yesterday! Again I wish I had my camera because it is awesome! Two packets of chipboard letters, a memory building kit, a mini album kit, some papers, a doodle genie and 2 packets of love notes will keep me very happy for a while! So a big thankyou to Addicted To Craft. They have been just great with the competition and a pleasure to chat to too! Here are a couple of pics of my entry which I have not posted anywhere yet! i showed anyone who dared to walk through my doors, and never got round to uploading it anywhere here it is. A collection of things my mum says that sets her apart from other mums!!! lol! Blogger is giving me the (*^*&^*&^ so the layout will have to do as is...Sorry for the aesthetically unpleasing layout, but it was beyond my control...een the photo oreintation was wrong lol!
Have a great weekend...Reality Scraps week 2...Patterned Paper only...whoo what a struggle! LOL!


Alicia said...

Happy Birthday again. Glad you had a good day. It's nice to have gotten your prize pack. YOU can never have too much Chatterbox.

lee woodside said...

Happy Birthday to you. Enjoy your Chatterbox.

Jen said...

Ang have you thought about getting a disposable camera for the time being lol you are missing out on a lot of photo ops. Happy birthday again