Sunday, April 29, 2007

My First Born has turned six!

And boy do I feel old! It seems like only yesterday he was a smiling baby, happy to be cuddled all day! Now he is a wriggling, squirming boy, full of fun and mischief! He has really grown this past twelve months, in size and confidence! I am so proud of him and I know Greg is Happy Birthday Thomas! If blogger was being nice, I would be able to upload the cutest photo of you blowing out those six candles, but I guess I will have to do it another time.

So, wanna have a laugh? It will be at my expense and I have no trouble with that! lol!
Greg and I were invited to a 40th birthday party on saturday night. It was down the coast, so we had to get babysitters for the kids and organise our time to the minute. We had spent the day at Movieworld...another post when blogger is working...and we were knackered. We came home, packed up the kids, took Thomas and Audrey to my mum's while greg packed his bag (I had done most of mine the night before) and waited for his parents to come and get Joseph. I got home, finished packing my stuff and we left. The party was starting at 6:30 and we only arrived at the motel at that time. That was an experience in itself. Alarm bells should have triggered when the bartender brought out the guest register covered in ants...from all the beer spilt on it! But no, we were areeady a bit tired and in a rush. We got our key and went up to the room to shower etc. Almost got blasted through the wall with the shower that was actually a waterfall in disguise. I was sure the Gold Coast has been under water restrictions for years! I think I used as much water I would normally use in a day in the five minute shower!
I got dressed while Greg had his shower, went to put on my make up and wasn't there!!!
I don't go anywhere with out my make up...not even to drop off Thomas to school. I even wore it in the car to each of my caesars and washed it off at the last minute! So this was AWFUL for me. We were in a *(^&^% hotel room, with a party looming with all Greg's work mates and I looked like a racoon! So I did what only I would do...I went searching for a shop that was open on a Saturday night that sold Makeup! It took 2 hours before I ended up in the only chemist on the Gold Coast that sells makeup that wouldn't burn a hole in my cheek and cost more than $2! Seriously...120 minutes of driving round, stopping, going back, missing turn offs. It would have taken less time and cost us less if I had just driven home and got mine and come back! So I eventually arrived at the party 3 hours late and feeling crappy to find every a bit tipsy and ended up having a nice night.
So the moral of the story is...don't interrupt me when I am packing to go anywhere because I will inevitably forget something. LOL!
After a dreadful night's sleep on the the lumpy trampoline bed with the soflatyoumayaswelllhavenone pillows, we escaped the cheap hotel (note to Greg...NEVER again!) we did end up having a nice breakfast at the Robina Town Centre.
Speaking of sleep I am really tired and need some rest...another big week is on it's way.
If you are not signed up at Scrapbook City as yet, you need to be! We are making a HUGE and really fun announcement this have to check it out!!!
Stay tuned for my May/june classes this week as well, I will post them as soon as I can!


AnnetteL said...

OMGosh Ang! That hotel sounded awful! Glad you eventually found some make up and had a good night! Happy Birthday to Thomas. Hmmm Scrapbook City and a big annoucement??? Nup... still have no idea apart from wondering when the new store will open??

Have a great week.
Cheers Annette

Bec said...

Happy Birthday to Thomas! That is so funny about the make up Ang! I would have given up after the first missed turn.

Sue's Blog said...

Oh Ang you sound like you had an eventful night. At least you won't forget your make up again.
I have tagged you, when you read my blog you will see what this means.