Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Tagged again!

OK, I know I have done this one and in the interest of anyone who read the last one I will make up some new and totally random facts about me!! Thanks Alicia and Sue...I do love to have a rant!!!

1. I have finally given up my peg obsession...there used to be a special order to pegs and the way I hung the clothes...now I do everything I can to NOT use a peg!!!
2. I miss sleeping in. A LOT. I am a night owl (note the time!) and really do not function well in the morning! Luckily the kids are beginning to entertain themselves for half an hour or so on a weekend, so I do manage a wee sleepin every now and then.
3. I love horror films, the gorrier the better!! I love the suspense and seeing half the movie through sheilded eyes!
4. I am the eldest sibling in my family. I have a younger sister and brother.
5. My favourite band ever is the Counting Crows. I *heart* Adam Duritz...he is the only celeb I ever sent fan mail to in my teens! Not exactly every girls pin up boy, but he has an amazing voice and writes what he lives. I went to their last oz concert and it was the best concert I have ever been to!
6. Like Tanya, I too am a Twin Peaks fan. I have the soundtrack and let the kids listen to it the other day...they quite liked the mellowness of it! I HAD the Laura Palmer diary but my mum found it and burned it, when I was 16...I can't remember what was in it that was so bad, but she must have felt bad about it because 5 years later she came to Fire Walk With Me, with me! It is OK though mum...I get it now I have my own little girl!
7. As a teenager I was really into New Kids on the Block and still get excited when I see Donnie Whalberg and Joe McIntyre on the big and small screen!
Hope they weren't too boring...or at least not too strange!
I will post those pics tomorrow!


Tanya Reedy said...

Step by step ohhhh baby. LOL
Loved them too!!

Giovanna Scott said...

You crack me up Ang. Seriously!!! I'm a Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch fan...still drool over Mark Whalberg...oh, and the peg thing!! LMAO..just like me.