Thursday, May 03, 2007

Blogger is being difficult!

Well, it has been a long time coming but the past couple of days have been driving me crazy!
I have so much to upload and nowhere to put it! New classes, photos from Thomas'' birthday and the pix from movieworld are dying to be uploaded, but alas not tonight again!!!

Instead I will share my excitement over an old love rediscovered. Back in the early nineties when I was a hard core teeny bopper :) I had a massive obsession with New Kids on the Block. This lead me to a smaller, but still very passionate obsession to Tommy Page, who not many people have heard of. I had all his tapes but no longer have a cassette recorder to play them on. For some reason I had to get my hot little hands on some of that music, so I spent an hour or so online and found a site in the US who will send me his CD's for $8 each! woohoo!!!! Then, I searched further and found an Edie Brickell CD that I had been told long ago was out of production never to be heard of again! And I was estatic! So now I am eagerly awaiting the package due to arrive very soon to relive the music of my youth. It is sooo different to what I love now, hopefully I will still like it.

I am working at the craft show tomorrow and Sunday on the Fiskars stand and on Saturday at the Scrapbook City stand. If you are there please come and say hi! I am really looking forward to having a big weekend working, but not so much to the recovery that will inevitably follow!

I have also started Bowen Therapy this is very weird and so different to physio. I am going to try it for three weeks and see how my back goes, although I actually have been feeling relief after the first session, which is pretty amazing...

We designed the kitchen this week. I still have to work on greg with the design, he is worried there won't be enough bench space, but I don't need too much bench, I just cover it with junk anyway!


Will said...

The music of your youth sounds cool!!! Bargain too, well done!!

My internet is still AWOL, but as soon as it's back on I'll have to catch up with you!!!


BELINDA said...

Hey Ang...
OMG...I was in love with New Kids on the block! My mum gave me the option of going to see them in concert or flying over to perth for a week to see my cousins. I went for the 'Perth' option! I still regret it! lol.
I had a scrapbook of magazie clippings. When Donnie got done for Arson i was so ashamed so i cut them out and put them in the back of the scrapbook so no-one would know what he had done...roflmao! Sad? YEP!

BELINDA said...

Gee, just reading over my 'rushed' comment... it's pretty all over the place...hope you get the

Alicia Barry said...

Don't underestimate the value of bench space. I have less than a square meter of bench space in my tiny apartment, and it's awful.

Jen said...

No way man it was the 80's that was cool for music and especially those designer outfits I wonder if they will ever make a return. Hey would said the 70's would'nt and look what happen. I am betting the 80's will come again lol and I will be waiting