Sunday, August 05, 2007

A week of catchup!

I have had one of those weeks where I feel like I m continually chasing my tail. I get one load of washing done and the pile is high again, I feed the kids a meal and clean that up and they are hungry again. I mop and vacuum and there are crumbs on the tiles AGAIN. I need a pause button like in 'Click'. That would be cool!

Other than that it has been pretty quiet here. I have been busy coming up with some new ideas for my free Friday Classes and my two Saturday Workshops. The 'Every Last Scrap' Workshops have been really popular, so I am going to be doing one every release! They are my favourite as we all get so much done in a few hours!

The kids have had a bit of the flu and I seem to have gotten it today. I don't feel too bad, just congested. Still managed 3 loads of washing, the groceries and pizza from scratch for tea, so I can't be too sick!

The pizza base I made was really yummy! I got it from the Nursing Mothers Cook Book (my bible) and it was ready in 30 mins. The kids loved it and the best part is there are no preservatives!! I am trying to cut them out of the kids is harder than you think!

Greg found something weird on the net the other night. He had googled my name (goodness knows why!) and someone had quoted me off my blog. He was a journalist in Chicago I think. Most of the article had been archived, but it seems he was cutting me down for having a rant about being 31 (see February)! I guess I was surprised that there were people outside of my scrapping/family world that would care to read my gibberish, let alone quote me however unflatteringly!

Idol starts tonight, I am really looking forward to it. I didn't get into BB this year, so I am hanging for something to obsess over again!!!

I will have some photos to show you tomorrow, I have to do the folding before Idol starts...told never ends!

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Tanya Reedy said...

I hear you!! Kids, Husband and Housework. If only we could charge by the hour!!