Thursday, August 16, 2007

snakes alive!

We went to a dear friends birthday party yesterday. Oli was six and to celebrate he treated us all to a show with Johnny the Jester. He was FANTASTIC with the kids...right on their level! He had a white dove and a white rabbit and the seemingly obligatory snake! Of course my kids HAD to have a cuddle!
Audrey was a total crack up...she loved the jokes and had a good old belly laugh at a couple...I didn't think she would get half of them, but she was calling out more than most of the kids!
I am off to Sydney on Tuesday. Hopefully this sinus thing will go away by then. I am taking plenty of Demazin, just to be sure though! So I also have to be organised enough to leave the family for 5 nights. Everyone needs a separate schedule...but I won't make too many meals this time...they don't get eaten often enough. I will instead make sure there are plenty of veges in the fridge and lots of pasta and sausages...they seem to like that junk the best! Me, I would prefer a salad any long as someone else prepares it!
Fiskars Ambassadors have started a blog! There are challenges and lots of inspirational projects there. It is only early days, but I can see it becoming big! Go and check it out and leave a comment...FISKARS AMBASSADORS BLOG ...there is a prize...a craft drill! SO go know you need one!
I have been busy doing my classes for next month. They are looking good and I am happy to say have been really popular, especially the free Friday classes. We will be offering them on a Friday night from now on, so that will be good too.
Funniest thing happened the other day...and I am name dropping a little bit, but what the hey, this is for my own memory's sake! We were on our way home from school. A gas cylinder had exploded at the top of our street and I was wanting some news on it. I NEVER listen to AM, but I was I turned on 612...only to hear the announcer introduce my DAD!!! He works for UDIA and has been heavily involved in developing new strategies for housing affordability. They were asking his opinion on the new proposal regarding tax breaks for investors. The kids even recognised his voice over the radio...we were all so proud! It is funny when you hear your dad, who is just dad to me, talking with such knowledge and authority. It took me back to the days of high school, when he would dictate letters while we drove along. I learnt a lot in those years...half of it has been overwritten with childhood songs and medical information now though!
Tomorrow is Thomas' sports day...he is very excited and can't wait to run in his race this year. Last year he slipped at the start and he is still stressing that he might slip we are going to make sure he is NOT wearing slippery shoes in the morning so he can run his little grade one heart out!
AND tomorrow is my Mother in law's LAST day at work! YAY! She will have more time to spend with us...will be great for Auds especially next year. She is still too young for Pre Prep, but is SOOOO ready for it. So the more variety in her week the better. Mun will also have a new grandchild to dote over, so I am sure she won't have time to stop and rest, let alone get bored! So congratulations for tomorrow mum, this is a very special day for you, and we are all thinking of you today!
Take care all...some layouts to share next time!


Jen said...

hey ang,
My little miss Auds is getting so big and talk about brave not many little girls would have a snake wrapped around them. hope you have fun down in sydney. and good luck to Thomas for sportsday hope the wind is on your slide and your legs are borrowed from a gazelle

Michelle Lindenmayer said...

De ja vue with the snake LOL!

Hope you have a great time in Sydney and don't spend too much time leading Kerri astray HA.