Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008

Hi Everyone! I just wanted to quickly upload a couple of photos from the past couple of days just in case Mum and Dad were checking in from the Ocean Liner. We have had a fantastic couple of days...the children are totally pooped and have been spoiled from all directions! I am pleased to say that Thomas is still a believer in Santa at 7, having exclaimed the loudest ofver the mess the reindeers left on our back deck...naughty Rudolph...he will have to have his food on the lawn next year apparently!
We went to White Water World with the Taylors was so much fun! I have never been keen on the whole water park idea, since the kids are not the most confident swimmers, but it was actually a whole lot of fun and we had a ball! There was something there for everyone, even me who was not allowed to get wet as per doctors orders! I just spent the day working on my tan and hanging out in the wading pool with Audrey while the boys tackled the big slides! No sunburn (thank goodness) and no major injuries...a great day by all accounts!
Greg has however more than likely broken his toe after incepting the dryer with his foot while taking it down off the wall! We thought it was just a dead toenail, but two days later it is still very sensitive...poor baby...luckily he is on two weeks holiday so he will be able to rest up!
I am definately scrapping tomorrow night. I have a photo shoot in the morning at a new location...I am really excited to be trying somewhere new!

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