Sunday, February 01, 2009

I told you I was busy!

And these are the good ones. The photos for a couple of others didn't really turn out. My hands still shake a little and until I get my good lens back I have to make do with what I have.

I start TAFE tomorrow night. I can't wait...literally got ants in my pants with the anticipation it is bringing me. The feeling I got when I went to hand in my folio was just so satisfying, like I was finally where I was meant to be again. I don't think I will be sleeping well tonight...far too excited!
I have just completed another project for Fiskars and am in the process of putting a class together for Scrapbooking Convention in June for them, as well as manning the stand at the Gold Coast Craft Fest with Ngai and Jill! It is going to be a busy year that is for sure!
I have been very lucky and received a Stamp Factory to have a play with. Check back here next time and I will show you what I have made!
And I must apologise for the blog header....I love this photo of the kids but have not had a chance to make a proper header for this will have to do! See you!

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