Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

Hi all! Hope everyone out there is feeling loved today! Lucky for me it is my birthday too, so I am thinking I will be feeling plenty of love shortly. At the moment I am the only one up and am really enjoying some peace and quiet! I do need to go and get ready for Breakfast soon...we are off to celebrate at the Jindalee Tavern!

Last night Greg and I went on our first double date in YEARS! We met up for dinner with Lorena and Ben at the Pig and Whistle at Indooroopilly and then went on to see The Wolfman. It was awesome...plenty of jumps and loads of special effects. Annie thought it was pretty cool too. She stayed awake the whole time...probably beacuse her seat kept jumping up and down! She never cried though, so that was a blessing. We came home and she slept from 10 until 5am...woo hoo! Mumma got 5 hours continuous sleep so I am feeling semi human on my birthday!

And here are a couple of quick pics...
The only way I can get photos of the kids at the moment is to let them take a silly one at the end!

Auds doing the happy dance on her first day at school!

Annie trying to suck her thumb, or fist...or sometimes I think she may even be trying to suck her wrist! Time will tell I guess!

Have a great day...I have some layouts to share during the week and will alsoi be posting on Annies Blog

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Anne P said...

Happy Birthday Ang, glad to see the day started well with good sleep. Hope it continues to be a wonderful day.