Saturday, February 06, 2010

Tam's Idea...

is to list top ten school memories...
Here are mine...not in any order, but oh so fun to sit here for a while and reminisce!

1. Swapping shoes with Gaylia in Grade two because she had pretty sandals and mum bought me BROWN ones.
2. Collecting pinecones at lunch time for the teacher for Arts and Crafts
3. Making papier mache puppets from scratch in Year 5.
4. Finally learning how to colour in properly in Year Seven Geography!! I never really understood the whole pressure thing with a coloured pencil til then...maybe I just didn't colour in enough!
5. Reading 'The Hobbit" after lunch in Grade Seven...and conducting sign language conversations across the room with my friends.
6. Catching the bus home on my own for the first time in Year 8...very daunting!
7. Choir and band practice after school...feeling a part of a rewarding!
8. Managing to get out of swimming classes in high school by taking tennis lessons...then going on to represent the school team and winning!
9. Singing with the choir with The Great Britain Youth Choir at the Lyric theare.
10. Reading Mills and Boons aloud to the other girls when an English teacher didn't show up in Year 9. We got busted and were in sooo much trouble. The thing is we bought the book at the school fete the weeked before! So ironic!

That was fun! Thanks Tam!

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Tam said...

Love your list Ang, thanks for playing along...... I am looking forward to seeing your answers for my next list!!