Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Top Ten again!

ok...I was a bit slack this week...way too hot to sit at the computer really! Luckily it has cooled down some and now I can do a bit more than lie panting on the couch! LOL!

So last week Tam had top ten childhood memories/pop culture items. We are of the same era, but I will try and do mine differently!

1. Trixie Beldon and Nancy Drew Books. Dad bought a case at a garage sale one time and I would get one every now and then...I LOVED those books :) As I got older, Stephen King became a favourite author and still is today. All time favourite book is The Talisman
2. Spokey Dokeys - for the bike tyres. For some reason they just didn't go well with my vintage yellow bike!
3. Care Bears take one - I almost laughed when they brought them out again!
4. Watching "The Goodies" and laughing my guts out...I saw an episode the other day. I only lasted a I must be getting old!
5. Terry toweling clothing...something that has not been revived lately!
6. The ESPRIT logo T Shirt. Mine was green with a hot pink word. I was attached to that shirt for a long time!
7. Country Road Bags...still going strong in this house 20 years later!!!!
8. Listening to Bruce first cassette! I never did get any more of his music, but Born in the USA still rates as a favourite tape.
9. Does anyone else remember RATCAT?? Don't go now? I think the lead singer is now photography editor at a darling downs magazine or something!!
10. I too was a huge Molly Ringwald fan. But as I got into my teens I started enjoying a few movies of a more thrilling nature! Pulp Fiction in an ALL TIME FAVOURITE for me!

I will post some pics tomorrow. My memory card had a &*^&^$%  and I lost a weeks worth of photos on Sunday night! Not happy Jan :(


Katie said...

I remember Ratcat, I even have a CD of their music! I also went to see them in concert, they supported INXS, we went to see Ratcat but decided to stay to see INXS too!!!

Moral said...

I watched that breakfast club movie so many times, do you remember the other movie with also Molly Ringwald in it that came first? Anyway I was in love with the guy in it!! Saw this movie over and over

Moral said...

sorry, it is me, Siv...

Michelle Lindenmayer said...

Ooh, bringing back some memories there - I must do mine on my blog but you and I have very similar tastes I must say. I remember Ratcat and I was and (just quietly) still am addicted to Molly Ringwald movies!

Sue said...

Yes Ang, I remember Ratcat...