Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It is Birthday Week!

From now on in our house this week is going to have to be known as Birthday Week! We have had three birthday celebrations so far and have one more to go. All for two very special little girls!
First up on Thursday was the delightful Audrey. She turned six and had the family over for cake that afternoon. She was totally spoiled with lots of craft activities and books and things. She's been hanging out for a Birthday Party for a couple of years now so we threw her a huge party on Sunday. I went all out. A whole other post when I get my recovered photos back from this guy. My card was corrupted, but he has recovered most of it for a very resonable price....and he lives down the road! If only I knew of him in February!
For her birthday I made her a special Belle dress (very easy if I do say so myself...I only do straight lines!) And we turned her room to her new favourite colour...aqua. She is feeling so very loved at the moment!

And today we are celebrating the birth of this little princess! It is so hard to believe she is one year old! She has a few words already (dad, hello, that and see (for Josie). She has a limited palate (nice way of saying it hey) and is mostly sleeping through the night. She is a pure delight to be with and is always smiling. She adores dogs and birds...she yells at me to look if I miss a puppy walking down the street. She has the most divine little fingers and such loving eyes. Her hugs make me melt and her kisses, even though they sometimes leave bruises make me feel like the best mummy in the world. She gets a thrill every time her daddy walks in the room and her eyes light up when he picks her up. When she sees her brothers and sisters she reaches out for a cuddle every time. And when she wakes up from her naps and I go in to her I see this beautiful smiling little face.

 Happy birthday princesses...hope all your dreams come true xxoo.

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