Saturday, December 04, 2010

Another Year Over

Hi there all...the first day of summer came and went without much summery heat at all! I am sitting here in my room with slippers and a cardy on...totally ridiculous! With no end in sight to this wet and windy summer I am going to have to get inventive in the activity department this holidays, especially as we decided to keep the kids out of any holiday fun programs this time around. All ideas for what to do are received most graciously :P
The beginning of summer always marks the end of the school year. All the kids have had great teachers this year.  I love snapping a photo on the last day of school with their teachers; they are always so relaxed and happy then!

These lovely ladies have been so good for the children to have around them this year. A big thankyou from us to you for all you have done for them! All of them have grown in confidence. Both Joseph and Audrey are achieving so well academically and Thomas is starting to finally come along.

I will do a separate post for Annie's birthday...way too many pics for this post!

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